Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More free sewing /art supplies in the Bay Area

"(FabMo) volunteers collect a truckload of beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, carpets and more each week, then once a month we invite our guests - teachers, artists, artisans, costumers and others to make appointments to make selections for creative reuse. More than 40 tons of high quality designer materials are diverted annually from the waste stream by our all-volunteer organization.  These exquisite materials are generally not otherwise available."

I've been to non-profit FabMo a number of times and it is truly a treasure hunt.  There are thousands of samples to choose from, some very small, many medium and sometimes whole bolts. 

In addition to give-away events, FabMo organizes workshops and sales for people who make up goods from FabMo materials. There is a multitude of information on their site.

There are also instructions on how to sign up for a give-away event.


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