Friday, March 16, 2012

TGBM Tally: Grandparents Day 2011

Last fall I went to Grandparents Day at the grade school.  I decided to dress how I remembered my grandmothers dressing up.

Thrifted: Pin (2011), vintage purse (2011), gloves (2005?)

Gifted: Bracelet (2010), velvet coat (2011, wear it ALL the time, thank you Suzy-Q for thrifting it originally and then gifting it to me : >)

Bought retail: Dress (2010), Shoes (2009)

Bought from artist: Hat (2011 from Rosemary Greene), earrings (2010), necklace (2011)

Made: Nothing

I looked so convincing that some ladies at Blvd. Coffee in Los Gatos ask me if I was in a play.

A lady at Macy's said I reminded her of the British as they tend to dress up.

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