Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Abundant Black Disorder (ABD)"

More fashion news for those over 40, another site with some practical advice:

In fact they have a name for my closet (at the moment) as mentioned yesterday:
"Abundant Black Disorder (ABD) is a common wardrobe dysfunction"
This is quoted from their free special report "5 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Too Old (Or Too Young) and How To Get It Just Right" which you can request from their website.

TGBM Tally Today:
Thrifted: Skirt (2012) black knee length boucle pencil black with grey and white, Sweater (2011) Aquamarine button down (looking for some COLOR), black shoes (consignment store 2011)
Gifted: Nothing
Bought Retail: Nothing
Made: Turquoise earrings (2011 at a bead shop in Los Gatos)

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