Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disneyland portraits

We were in Disneyland again today and this time I noticed that the young Japanese tourists all had great style.  This couple let me take a picture. 

And then I ran in to these young women--So Fun!  The next time I go I'm going to plan in advance so I can go vintage too.  The on one the right reminds me of a Suicide Girl.

And lastly, something about the combination of the orange hair and green shirt was 


My TGBM tally:

Thrifted: Hoodie

Gifted: Nothing

Bought Retail: Sneakers (2011), Jeans (2010), Coach baseball cap (2007-8?), Jewelry

Bought from Aritist: Leather purse, Saratoga (Ca) Rotary Art Show (2007?)

Made: t-shirt (purchased but designed the "Portraits by Paganini" graphic) 2011

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