Thursday, February 2, 2012

Refashioned clothes show and clothing exchange in London

Second-hand fashion success for students

STUDENTS from Oxford and Cherwell Valley College starred in the county’s first ReFashion event to promote recycled and reused clothes.
More than 700 people came to Oxford Town Hall to see students model garments made from unwanted items.
The college, which has campuses in Bicester, Banbury and Oxford, joined Oxfordshire Waste Partnership (OWP) and Oxford City Council at the event.
Event co-ordinator Jenny Carr, from Oxford City Council, said: “As this was the first time we’ve run such an event, we weren’t sure how well received it would be; we couldn’t have been more pleased.
“Crowds of people came throughout the day, with the clothes-swapping area a constant hive of activity.
“In fact we saw around 1,000 items of clothing swapped.”
More than half a tonne of clothing was brought to the event by people wanting to swap, sell, alter or repair.
While this was happening, regular fashion shows of students’ textile work, retro garments and wedding outfits entertained the crowd.
Chairman of Oxfordshire Waste Partnership, Lorraine Lindsay-Gale, attended the event. She said: “It was fantastic to see so many people at the event getting inspiration about what to do with their old clothes.
“I personally enjoyed seeing some stylish ReFashioned outfits on the stage.
“We’d like to offer thanks to all those that helped to make the day a success including all the stall holders and hope that more ReFashion events will happen in the future.”
Clothes, rags and scraps left over from the event were donated to charity to be recycled.

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