Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Michelle's sketches Feb 8th 2012

Here is some of my design work--sketching I've done this week for my Principles of Design class at Canada College.

We are learning about the 5 basic design principles:
Harmony, Proportion, Emphasis, Rhythm, and Balance.

Thanks to my work with Mike Bailey in his Watercolor Beyond the Obvious classes I am already ahead of the game.  Yeah Mike!

Not sure where one could wear this but I like it.  I raised the hemline a bit in the version on the right for better proportion.

Both of these are fun. The yellow one is a bit too busy and I really like the sleeves and upper bodice.

I really like the one in red although I don't think the bottom pleats would actually fall that way.  There is something there in the black and aqua number but it needs reworking, not sure how yet.

I'm a fan of color blocking and this is one of my favorites.  The bust seaming on the top right is a bit too busy.  I like the lower right version better.

I wouldn't wear it but it is kind of interesting. 

I like the overall effect and I think the one on the left is not the right length.  The one on the right has better proportion ...and she would be hobbled walking unless there is a big vent in the back.  Not sure how a vent would look with a ribbon band. 

Expanding on the theme above. 

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