Friday, February 10, 2012

Reworking thrifted jacket--3 changes

I bought this jacket in a second hand store in Canada in 2009? 2008? while on vacation.  It is a "Greta Garbo" brand and nicely made.  I just: 

1) Converted it from a double-breasted (narrow) to a single-breasted jacket (more hip room with jeans)

2) Changed the original buttons (above) for some silver buttons my sister Suzy-Q salvaged for me off a Ralph Lauren thrift store find (below).

3) Because it was converted from a narrow double-breasted to single-breasted jacket the front flap is slightly off center.

I'm willing to live with that for the sake of the improved fit in the hips and I decided to add interest around the face area to draw the eye away from the slightly off center flap.

I'm in the process of adding lighter grey DMC floss hand top stitching around the lapel.  It really draws the eye and makes the jacket look distinctive.

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