Friday, February 3, 2012

Good luck/perfect match

I was coming home from Menlo Park today and I couldn't resist stopping in Palo Alto to check the Goodwill store on El Camino Way.  I found a brown turtleneck just the right shade to match my hair.  I checked the tag and lucky me it was 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool, in other words I can count on it to be soft and not itchy.

Even better, it is a perfect match for a skirt I designed and have cut out and ready to sew:

The skirt is has the squiggly lines.

The sweater is in quarantine in the freezer over the weekend so any potential moth eggs are rendered "ineffective" to put it nicely.

Now I have more motivation to sew up the skirt as I did not have a matching top so the project has been lingering.  Just need lining material.  : >

21Mar12 update: I got lining material on sale at Thai silk and have sewn everything up.  Only need to hem by hand!

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