Thursday, February 16, 2012

TGBM with tip on sewing on snaps

Thrifted: Skirt and Jacket (2012)
Gifted: Necklace (2011 Women's Craft Festival, Fort Mason, San Francisco)
Bought Retail: Boots (2010?), tights
Made: Blouse (2012), earrings (2011)

The jacket came with snap closures which makes it versatile as there are no buttons which need to be matched to jewelry or other clothing.

The problem was the top snap was so far inside the center seam line that the top section would not lay flat when the snap was closed (maybe that is why the garment went to Goodwill).  Look at the picture below and you can see there is a second smaller snap next to the big one.  The smaller now one holds the jacket edge fully closed.

TIP: Did you know that the holes in the middle of snaps are there so you can use a pin through them to mark the position of both sides of the snap so you know where to sew them on each side of the garment?

I 've been sewing since high school and spent years and years hit and miss trying to get them to line up.Then I tried this:
  • sew in one snap
  • attach the loose snap to the one that you just sewed in
  • arrange the garment the way you want it to lay
  • stick a pin through the center hole of the snaps from the sewn-in side and push through to the other side of the garment
  • find the end of the pin on the other side of the garment
  • From the side where the pin is sticking out push a pin in where the first one comes out. When you pull the garment apart you will see the second pin marking where to sew the second half of the snap
  • Slide the loose snap on the pin and sew in place
Happy sewing! 

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