Monday, February 27, 2012

Going, Going, Gone. Going?

 Going, Going Gone.  I purchased these loafers at Black and Brown, a consignment store on the Alameda in San Jose.

What was great about them is that they were broken in when I got them and were fairly comfortable as a result.

I've since bought a more comfortable pair (new retail, bad!) so these are going back out to be of use to someone else, in better shape, with new polish!

I'm debating this one.  I love the color and it is merino wool--plus my sister Suzy-Q made me a matching necklace and earrings. However every time I put is on I feel like I've gained 10-15 pounds. Loose in the waist, snug on the butt, and the V goes below my breasts and sort of splits open. Hmmmm.

Maybe if I tacked the V closed up a little higher and took in the waist a bit?  Shoulder pads?

Update 21Mar12 - both gone to Goodwill!

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