Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines day early - TGBM Tally

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George will be gone for Valentines day so he took me to the Plumed Horse in Saratoga last night for an amazing dinner. We had a great time.

Thrifted 2012: The cashmere sweater.  Originally a size 3x, I thought I would make a skirt out of it.  Once I washed it (in the washing machine) and checked out what it would look like as a skirt I changed my mind.  Instead I got out my favorite self-drafted t-shirt pattern and while leaving the hems all intact I recut the shirt and sewed it up--perfect fit.

Gifted 2011: Earrings, longer pearls

Bought: Jacket (2008? Chinatown SF), Shoes (2007? from Gimme Shoes in SF)

Bought from Artist: Shorter pearls Santa Clara CA

Made: Skirt from a "Hot Patterns" pattern from Italian wool from Britex in SF
The pattern I used is no longer available from them - it was, I think, called the "Miss Moneypenny" skirt. It swoops down in the back and has a vintage feel. --best fabric store EVER

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