Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to score TGBM ??? Want your thoughts...

I had a question from Yvonne recently asking if there is a scorecard for the TGBM
(Thrifted, Gifted, Bought, Made) game.

I haven't devised an exact method, I've used more of an unrecorded weighting system. I would like to develop a more exact scoring method so would love to hear from you.

My weighting goes something like this:

Green factor:
High points for: 
    • Reused:
      • Thrifted
      • Traded
      • Consignment
    • Retail that you've owned for so long and worn so much that it is now green
    • Greenest fabric choices (i.e.: cotton is not high on this list unless it is organic)
Low points for:
    • New retail
    • Mass produced retail
    • Least green fabric choice
    • Bought as "disposable" i.e.: "So cheap who cares if I wear it twice'
High points for:

    • Bought directly from an artist!  (Do it please)
    • Handmade
      • by you
      • by an artist
      • by a friend
    • Remade clothing, from your own closet or thrifted, etc.
      • by you
      • by an artist
      • by a friend
 Glam Points:

High points for:
    • Great fit
    • Great style/cut on you
    • Great color(s) on you
    • Great accessorizing
    • You feel great wearing it
    • Undergarments enhance (not detract)
Low Points for:
             The inverse

Ethical Points:  (Don't really know how to determine most of this unless made in US)
High points for:
    • Made under fair wages
    • Made under decent work conditions
    • No child labor
    • Processing is not polluting environment
    • Zero/Low Waste manufacturing
    • Manufacturer gives back to the community
Low Points for:
             The inverse 

My best outfit would probably be garments and accessories fashioned by Moi or another artist out of recycled materials.

My daily goal is to meet all "Glam" criteria and be as green and artistic/creative as possible. Since I now buy primarily from thrift or consignment stores my score is getting pretty darn good.

I'd like to have a more exact scoring system so we could have a competition.  I could set it up so people could post pictures and score their own outfits. Maybe we could even have the community vote in some way. I could also have a competition with myself and score my TGBM status over time.


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