Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday we spent the day and evening in Disneyland.  It was magical, bringing back memories of being there in grade school, and creating new memories with our family.

It was fun to watch other families together and see their similarities in genetics and dress.  We saw one family with tatoos ALL over each family member, from mom in her 50's all the way down the generations.  It really made a statement.

I was struck by how similarly most of us in the park were dressed - tennis shoes with jeans or shorts and t-shirts/hoodies, regardless of gender or age (obviously for comfort).  The dressiest among us were the girls ages 3 - 7 or so, many of whom were dressed in disney princess gowns--no corresponding clothing for the boys the same age.

I did see one elderly lady dressed more the way I remember older generations dressing, she had on pants, but they were soft pink, and she had on a matching pink collared shirt in gingham check (which I have not seen on anyone in years) with coordinated shoes and bag.  She really looked great and clearly felt great too.

My favorite outfit of the evening was not really an outfit.  There was a very elderly lady -I'm guessing in her early 90's- in a wheelchair, tucked in up to the neck with a brightly patterned blanket and wearing a hot pink sequined cap.  She looked simultaneously childlike and very old, festive, and as though she were enjoying watching everything and everyone.

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